Agassiz Crop Management, Inc.

Agassiz Crop Management, Inc. is a full service independent crop consulting company established in 1986. The "independent" signifies that we do not sell agricultural input products, such as seed. fertilizer or pesticides, nor do we have any vested interest in the sale of such products.

We provide consultation to producers regarding all agronomic aspects of crop production, and aid in the implementation of "best management practice" (BMP) and" integrated pest management" (IPM) strategies. We offer a full range of support services including soil testing, field scouting and precision agriculture services, and utilize modern geographical information system (GIS) techniques.

In 1994, with a group of progressive growers, we ushered in the new age of precision agriculture in the Red River Valley by establishing Valley GPS, Inc., and became the first company in the region to utilize differential global positioning system (DGPS) navigation and computer mapping techniques on a commercial basis.

Our geographical service area is the northern end of the Red River Valley of North Dakota and Minnesota and the immediate surrounding area. This includes the area north of Grand Forks, ND to the international border.

This area has a diverse crop mix of several major and minor commodities.
The majority of acres we service are planted to:

Other crops we service include sunflower, canola and flax.

Our Company Philosophy

Our business has been built on:

  1. Technical excellence
  2. Customization of services required by each of our clients
  3. Leadership in new technologies

Agricultural production of food and fiber is an intricate ballet of profitability, resource management and resource stewardship. No producer hoping to stay in business can ignore any of these areas. It is our goal to provide our clients with access to the newest production technologies, along with the "tried and true" in order to maximize their chances of success.

Our Key Personnel

David Willis, President and founder of Agassiz Crop Management, Inc.

Kimberly Ditz, Vice President of Agassiz Crop Management, Inc.

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Revised: December 2011